Thursday, September 20, 2007

At Least I'm Not Bored...

The knitting class is going well. It's kind of hypnotic. My hat is going to be a bit bigger than I planned. I just clickity-clicked my way to a hat that will probably end up fitting my father. I'm sure he'll love the dainty pastels. Hopefully the next one will fit the toddler that I had in mind when I started it. And I'm working on a handbag too, but my front loading washing machine is too "gentle" to felt woolens so I may need to revisit the laundrymat after all.

I have no idea what is going on at work, but things are CRAZED! I was there well past 8pm 3 nights last week... and I'm still not completely caught up. Gah! My trip to Mexico is approaching - so hopefully my picture taking will be slightly more successful. I'm told that one of the suppliers is organizing a VIP trip to the pyramids near Mexico City so I'm seriously looking forward to that - any excuse to actually see something of the country is very cool.

My dining room is done. Yay! Now for the rest of the house... I did haul back the bottom half of my entertainment center when I went home for Labor Day. Really, it's getting there! Actually, it'll probably be done in... about 6 more months when I blow this popsicle stand.

Holy crap, did the drive home SUCK. It takes 12 hours. Urg. I'm getting old - that long in a car does NOT appeal the way it used to, and now I'm getting sore if I sit still anywhere near that long. And just a hint? In West Virginia, on 77? Yeah, if you need gas, avoid the stops within 15 or 20 miles of that Tamarack place 'cause they jack up the prices to seriously $0.30/gallon higher than the other gas stations. Damn tourist traps.

Speaking of old... I just got something for my 15 year high school class reunion. With typical mad planning skills, they've given all of us about 3 weeks notice to arrange to be there. *headdesk* I'm probably going to be wandering about the wilds of Mexico. Ah well, if I really actually liked those people, I'd probably still be talking to them.

And, my half hour at the library is up. *sigh* Must get computer, must get computer... it does help with the whole rambling on forever thing though.