Monday, October 29, 2007

Dang Drat & Blast

Stupid Indians.

Stupid baseball.

I was hoarse for days from yelling at the TV.

*sigh* Well, there's always next year...

Well played, Sox. (Yes, Suldog, saying that made me very sad.)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Goodbye, Cardboard

Yesterday was a red letter day for my house. The mover people came back and collected the "debris" from my move - and all of the furniture assembly since then. Two guys in a truck hauled off the seven foot high stack of cardboard, AND the room o'attack packing paper AND the huge collection of bubblewrap from the library.

They took pictures of my room of packing paper 'cause they claimed that they'd never seen anything like it. It's a good sized room, completely bare of furniture, that I've been using for paper storage. It seemed logical to me - I've been breaking down boxes to lie flat (that being the seven foot high pile that was living in my entry room.) This meant that I needed a place to put all the paper. Have I mentioned how um, diligent my movers were? I ended up filling that room to about five feet deep. The entire room, except for a tiny area where I occasionally muscled the door open to add more.

I am amazed all over again at how huge my house is. The entry is enormous without all the cardboard. I spent my evening sweeping up tumbleweeds of cat hair that had been hiding amidst the cardboard, then scrubbing the floor. Ugh. I had to change the water twice. Lord only knows when it was done last (I just swept before I moved in and covered it with box bits.)

Then, feeling all ambitious, I cleaned up the fallen stacks of magazines in the library, swept up all of the dirt from the plant the cats destroyed while I was gone, cleaned the birdie rug, moved it to the [echoingly empty] entry way, put away a couple of bookcases worth of books and started to assemble a curio cabinent. I was defeated by the little detail that the place I got the cabinent from neglected to add all of the necessary parts to the box. *sigh* Denied. That ended my flare of productivity and I wandered off to bed.

It startled me this morning when I came stumbling down the steps - the entry is MUCH bigger!

Oh, if you know of anyone interested in several years of Smithsonian magazine, several cooking magazines, and some other random ones, please let me know. The Smithsonian in particular is a beautiful magazine, and I'm having a very hard time just tossing them into the trash.

(I too took pictures of the room of paper. One of these days, I'll edit this and add them. No, really. I will.)