Friday, April 02, 2010

The Kiln Gods Are Happy.

My friend and I went out at lunch yesterday and picked up the latest treasures from the last firing. I've very happy with almost all of it - this was a good firing!

These were actually in the last firing - P has been experimenting with wedging different clays together. She is much more into this than I am, but it is pretty cool.

These are the coffee mugs. My boss' boss snatched the first one out of the box and kept it. I'm quite fond of the one with dots, myself, but I think I need to work on BIGGER coffee mugs.

The set of four bowls came out well also. I haven't completely convinced myself that it's a set per se, but I love the speckles!

I also got back the three bowls that I started and basically finished in one weekend. I am particularly happy with the way the fuchsia bowl came out. Yay!

There was one casulty - this looks cool from this angle, but the glaze ran like a river and puddled so there are chunks of the bottom of the bowl missing on the other side. *sigh* I was afraid that I'd put too much of the blue rutile on and I was right. Better luck next time...

I have a couple of things currently in progress. Note to self - NO more rippled edges with marbled clay. You have to sand for YEARS. The poppies have been sitting on my shelf for months, I finally added the last details and put them in for bisque firing.

And this is what I had my friend M doing at the studio when she visited. She has no interest in clay so I had to find something to entertain her. I gave her underglazes and a tile and asked her to paint me a dragon. After it's bisqued, I'll clear glaze it and then hang it on my wall.