Monday, July 28, 2008

well, it beats the alternative...

which is being (depending on the question) dead, unemployed, unhealthy, or toothpicks.

other than that...
i didn't get the last job i wanted. now i'm waiting to hear on another one - but i wanted it and i think i blew the interview. i sent all 14 pages of the application by fax last week, and called this morning to see if it all arrived. someone from the company called my house later this afternoon, so i've decided that the hr lady knows i didn't get and doesn't want to talk to me directly. *sigh*

i spend a weekend with my brother recently, who was downsized the day he got back from vacation. nice, huh? i'm going to lose him. he routinely drinks so much that he remembers nothing of what he did. he just got hammered friday night - and then couldn't leave the house all saturday 'cause of the trips to the bathroom. my grandfather died at 48 from alcoholism, my cousin at 47. scott is 32. AND he also routinely gets really drunk and then thinks it's a great idea to get into a car and do burnouts and doughnuts and such. he and his dear friend "smiley" (yes, they really call him that) have already totalled one car that i know of. just hell.

but i had an adventure yesterday...

i've had a spider relocation program in place for years. usually, i ignore them but if they venture into reach of the four footed furry ones, i'll escort them to safer territory.

my dedication to my program was tested last night. omg. one of these days i'll post the pictures. spidey was beautiful - kinda marbled browns and creams - but WAY too big for comfort. s/he measured more than 4" from leg to leg. it blended very well with my living room carpet - i nearly stepped on it by accident. it got to spend the night, and today, in a clear takeout container while i looked up whether it could kill me or not.

i still don't know what type of spider it is, either wolf or some sort of fishing spider, but it bounced a lot when i took it outside and released it onto my back porch. given my doorjambs, there's every chance it beat me back inside, but i'll be better prepared next time. this time was... startling.

so, wish me luck with the job thing. and the spider thing. and the being-completely-lone-in-less-than-15-years thing. that's going to rock.