Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Genius, Sheer Genius.

I was wandering around cyberspace the other day, and ended up spending a couple of entertaining minutes over at Jennifer Crusie's blog. Someone there was ranting about how cars are obviously designed by men because if a woman designed a car, there'd be convenient purse storage built in. How awesome would THAT be?

That is the kind of thinking that I would really REALLY like to see my company exhibit. What do we do instead? Come out with a refresh dryer - almost two years after everyone else. *headdesk*

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Back! And to celebrate... a meme

Thanks, Thim.


1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog; some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Well, I put the first one in Thim's comments - but to recap, for whatever reason, I'm pretty much incapable of passing one of these things up. 80's surveys, true loves, favorite music, culture, you name it, I've almost undoubtedly filled it out. It's like a sickness.

2. Do I get extra credit if it's random AND weird? Well, anyway, I think in cartoons. The images I have of people in my head are all cartoons. I see myself as kind of a female Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs, of course) but with glasses and a bun.

3. Sorry, three, but I'm not fond of odd numbers. I prefer even numbers, and my favorite number is two. I almost didn't rent this house 'cause the street number is odd.

4. I have a magnetic personality. No, really. Watch batteries last about a month if I'm lucky, I set most security systems off just being near them and I can't keep credit cards in my jeans pockets 'cause I'll magnetize the stripe and they don't work anymore.

5. I LOVE auctions. I just went to another one last weekend. I did manage to restrain myself and did not buy another table. Actually, it was kind of amusing - I walked out of there with a crystal vase and a drill press, as well as a rug, a couple of tool boxes (one full of tools) and a pair of handcuffs. I prefer to think that I have many facets...

6. I fear clowns, but I am phobic about cockroaches. If I ever encounter a clown cockroach, I'll probably expire on the spot. (This is not as far fetched as it sounds, a co-worker is actively plotting. As soon as he figures out how to get the shoes on their little bug feet, I'm toast.)

7. Here's something weird... I'm not normally claustraphobic - I've whiled away happy days in caves so tight my bag was tied to my ankle so I could drag it behind me as I bellycrawled and squirmed my way through cracks in the earth... but I really don't care for highway tunnels. How strange is that? Squeezed in the dirt, hours from the surface in the pitch black? Not a problem, as long as I can keep my imagination in check regarding what's in the dark with me. Four lane, well lit tunnel thru a mountain? I'm white knuckled and shaking until I'm through it and well away.

There you have it - 7 little nuggets about me. Here's a free number eight - I never really tag people for these things. So if you're reading this, let me know and I'll totally take credit for tagging you. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

holy smokes...

It's the middle of August already!!! How the heck did THAT happen?

Nothing new here, although I did have 2 porch adventures in the last week.

The first was not so good - the cats started acting really weird (around 1 am) so I left the lights off and went over to peek out the window onto my porch, and found that there were people - scraggly looking men I did not know - sitting on my porch swing and rocking chairs and talking, just like it was their porch and they were shooting the breeze. Be proud - my usually non-existent common sense reared its ugly head and I called the police to chase them away instead of stomping outside and confronting all four of them with nothing more than righteous anger and a screwdriver.

The second was kind of funny - I was out watering my flowers around 3 am ('cause I do things like that) and I dumped water into a hanging basket and SOMETHING flew out at me. I shrieked and stumbled backwards, and the poor drenched rudely awakened little finch, who had been peacefully sleeping, bounced off a couple of walls and flew into the darkness. Sorry little bird, but you scared the CRAP outta me.

That actually leads me to another incident from a while ago, which just goes to show that you never know who's watching... I was wandering around my house at 2 in the morning in a t-shirt when it occurred to me that I needed to water my plants. I almost just went out in the t-shirt but decided that there were too many scary wandering people in my neighborhood for that (and that was BEFORE the freaky porch people) so i went and changed, and watered as usual. A couple of weeks after that, I was talking to a neighbor and she said something about telling a story of what she'd caught me doing - which made me try to think back and remember everything she could have conceivably caught me doing. Turns out that one night, she and her husband slept downstairs with the windows open 'cause their air conditioning wasn't working - and they ended up watching me water my plants at 2 am... so it's a good think I wasn't wandering around outside in a t-shirt. You just never know...

Good news - I finally bought a laptop, which should be arriving the end of this month so I'll be online again shortly. Yay! Work was kind enough to block ALL popups, which is making many things more difficult - including using the company computer to search for my next job. So, I got a Dell Studio 17. Anyone have one already? Thoughts? Also, I'll be attempting to set up my wireless, with some form of password protection or something so I should spend some time REALLY upset with the evilness that is do it yourself IT stuff. Should be entertaining from a safe distance.