Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Not a lot new in my world. I'm still in North Carolina, still job searching, still still still...

I'm in a class today - DOE: Beyond the Basics. "Since factor E is aliased with the four-factor interaction ABCD, we can state that E=ABCD. This means that E is confounded with ABCD..." And it's about 60 in this room - my fingers are about to freeze off. Brrrrrr! Which is funny 'cause it's over 90 degrees outside.

I didn't get the first job I went out and interviewed for, which is okay 'cause there were problems within the company that worried me. I haven't heard from the second one yet. That one interests me - I'll be bummed if they don't call. I'm being very picky. Very very very picky. NOT getting into this mess again, if I can help it.

Let's see... went to a fossil festival over Memorial Day. They have basically a giant sandbox where you can dig around and keep whatever you find... so I have over 100 teeny tiny sharks teeth. I like 'em!

I finally stained the bookshelves that dad made me for Christmas. I haven't installed them yet, but at least they're the right color now.

I still have a bunch of flowers to buy and plant, but I did put trailing petunias in my amnesty day planter - the one that looks like a wrought iron spiral staircase. It looks really nice.

It turns out that a fair number of the trees in my neighborhood are rotten on the inside, but it's a historic neighborhood, so no one is allowed to remove any of the trees - they'd rather they fell on the historic homes apparently. My across the street neighbors had their Expedition smushed in a thunder storm last week. The tree did manage to miss all of the houses though, so that's something.

I vacuumed my whole house on Friday and yesterday I noticed tumbleweeds of kitty fur again. One of these days, I'm going to shave them both bald.

I finally found a mission style coffee table that I like and a desk chair, both of which should be arriving this week. Once I buy the end tables that I've picked out, my living room will be done. Whoot! Entry is done, dining room is done, kitchen is done. Then just the library and the whole main floor is the way I want it. Yay! Progress, I'm making progress!

Ooh, we're getting into stuff I don't know - I need to pay attention. Later!