Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Bad Day...

this morning, i rolled out of bed totally bummed that it was monday, but otherwise, my world was humming right along.

then my brother called. he won't be visiting me this weekend because there was a motorcycle accident this morning and his best friend is dead. did your heart just stop for a second? mine did. i'm not sure it's restarted. rich was 31. he leaves a wife and a 12 year old son.

now, i probably WILL be home for my birthday, to bury someone i've known for more than 20 years. i was at a funeral last week for a coworker. hell, i'm still not over burying my cousin last fall.

from this point on, i'm planning on trapping those i love, wrapping them securely in bubblewrap and hiding them in the basement where they'll be safe.

the icing on this cake? the little card on the door when i got home tonight saying they cut off my gas. no clue wtf THAT's about so that's something else to figure out tomorrow.

hope your day is going better, and for the love of all whom you hold dear, if you have a motorcycle, be careful. or better, get rid of the damn thing before it kills you.