Friday, June 29, 2012

WARNING: If You Belong to 24 Hour Fitness Gyms...

I am on facebook, and completely addicted to it, and I am connected with most of the people in my class from high school.  One of them lives in California, outside LA.  As near as I can tell, he's a total gym rat and he has a physique rarely seen in actual, real-life humans.  But, he's kind of an asshole.  And by "kind of an asshole," I mean "pretty much a total asshole."  One of his favorite pastimes, while hanging out at his gym ALL the time, is to take pictures with his cell phone of people - men and women - who do not share his dedication to the gym.  And then he posts those pictures on his facebook wall with nasty, mocking comments about how horrible these people look.  And then he and his smug, well-toned little friends have a ball continuing to leave hateful comments on these pictures.

I've been pretty much skipping his posts for a while, but it bugged me.  And the idea of having someone do that to me is one of the reasons I dread going to the gym.  (FYI - I belong to a different gym.)  So I called 24 Hour Fitness and ratted him out.  "Andre" transferred me to "Autumn," who demanded the 10 digit code to the gym in question as well as the guy's code.  And when I said that I didn't have that information, "Autumn" (who, by accent, resides somewhere in India) said that there was nothing she could do and that I should have a nice day.  And when I asked who else I could talk to, we strangely got disconnected.

So, if you belong to a 24 Hour Fitness, know that you may well be on candid camera.  Know too that it is apparently just fine with their customer service people.  Happy workout!