Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still Alive...

Although it's hard to tell sometimes, I know.

So, I've made it a year, my indentured servitude is over and now I'm revving up the job search again. Must escape. Must escape soon. I won't bore you (right now, ha!) with long boring tales of my miserable job but let me just say that the idiot (my not-so-esteemed fearful leader) asked me last week for 300 degree liquid water, then grouched at me for trying to make things complicated when I was confused. *headdesk* This sort of thing is not unusual.

As predicted some time last year, I now love my house. *sigh* Amazing the difference that a good bug guy and a couch can make, isn't it? There's still stuff to do, to be sure, but several rooms are the way I want them and it's so nice - I actually kind of feel like a grown-up. Sorta.

I made a cherry pie for pi day, and made it in my special pi plate so that made me happy. And I sucked my office mates into it and made them bring round food. Yay for pi!

Once I get past taxes, the hunt for a computer to call my own will commence. Yay for being online! *sniffle* Oh, internet, how I miss thee!

Well, it's very late and I'm quite sleepy. Take care!