Thursday, February 03, 2011


They said it would snow, and I kinda didn't believe them. They always say it's going to snow. They said six to ten foot drifts, and I said "whatevs, not gonna happen." I did wonder about my coworkers' somewhat hysterical reactions - BLIZZARD! OMG! BLIZZARD! - 'cause I'm NOT in North Carolina anymore, and frankly I expect a bit more, rational weather-wise, from people who live in Chicago. And then it started.

We all went home early, although I couldn't resist playing with the Xterra in the snow. Petunia is a tank. I also gave some guy a ride to his house from the train station, which gave me a golden opportunity to play in the snow some more.

Of course, the cable was the first to go, so I huddled in my little house while the wind howled and gusted and the lights flickered. When I got bored with that (which didn't take long, given my attention span), I covered the bedroom window with a quilt to help with the draft situation and went to bed.

The next morning, it turned out that weathermen do occasionally know what they're talking about.

Happily, my neighbor did my sidewalk while he had the snowblower out doing his.

It only took 45 minutes to unbury my porch. (That is after I had to remove the glass from the storm door and shovel through the door to clear enough of the porch to open the door to start shoveling.) I'd been out there a bit over an hour when my other neighbor's son came over to help me dig. And about thirty minutes after that, his dad brought their snowblower over. All told, we didn't do the whole driveway (I have a HUGE driveway!), and it still took nearly four hours to dig out. Thank the gods for my neighbors or I'd still be out there.

And I'll be damned if I didn't have six foot drifts in the driveway. There's just something fundamentally WRONG with having to reach UP to shovel.

I had 22" of snow in my yard, in the sheltered spots, with drifts several feet high. (I'm not sure how high exactly because I wasn't willing to wade out there to check. I actually measured the drifts in my driveway 'cause I'm a dork like that.) Also? For the first time EVER, my company was shut down for a day. (That was the best part.)

So, is it Spring yet?