Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Hate Change

I went home for Thanksgiving, and mixed with my joy at being in my place again was sadness for the way things are changing.

"Progress" is not as bad in Ohio as it is here, but it makes my heart hurt to see farmland paved over and turned into yet another allotment of huge, ugly houses. Where the hell are all of these people coming from? And why in god's name is it now "underdeveloped" land?? When is it going to end? We are blessed to have some of the most fertile land on the planet, and it's sprouting townhomes, condos and mcmansions. Do you really think it's okay to buy all our food from China along with everything else? Maybe we should farm it out to India along with the tech jobs. Do you not understand what is going to happen to this country if we lose the ability to feed ourselves along with the ability to manufacture for ourselves what we need?

Go ahead and look down your pointy noses at the common man, the blue collar man - but he is what made this country great once. How did we come to a place where my father, who can fix anything and has worked for one company for 40+ years, is looked down on by white-collar parasites incapable of changing their own lightbulbs?!?


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