Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whine, moan, whimper...

Well, the creeping crud has me in its clutches - just in time for me to hop into a flying tin can for the (thankfully) short flight home. Yay, exploding sinuses. This snuck up on me while I wasn't paying attention and now I feel much like I've been hit by a bus. Ugh.

And, before I leave tomorrow evening, I need to clean my kitchen, sweep, pay some attention to the cat box, dust, clean the half bath, wrap birthday presents, and pack - all tonight, after work.

And, once again, my attempts at planning and organization have been foiled. I bought my brother's birthday gift before Christmas. He's turning his mostly finished downstairs into a game room. He's got a pool table down there, and a very nice dart board (and I'm not just saying that because I gave it to him for Christmas a couple of years ago). So, for his birthday, I got him a corner stand that holds cues, and the triangle and has a table top for your beer. It is, fortunately, not assembled but now I have to figure out how to fly home with it, in its rather sizable box. *sigh* That was good planning. He's coming to visit me in March. He may have to wait for then to get it.

And, I just discovered that the cold medicine I took (that has done NOTHING for my symtoms) has apparently made me even loopier than usual. I left a message for someone at work to call me and I thought I was making perfect sense. When she returned my call, she played the message back to me and I am completely incoherent. Swell. So, I should probably not be calling suppliers this morning. I wonder how long this stuff is going to take to wear off. It's kind of a cool feeling though. Everything's all swirly. I'm glad it wasn't my day to drive in. I think that would have been an adventure... for everyone around me.

And, I have a sneeze stuck in my nose. I hate it when that happens. When it finally arrives, I'll probably blow the back of my head off.

And, somehow this weekend, I managed to rip a significant chunk out of the bottom of my little toe - right at the crease where it joins my foot. That has been a joy to keep bandaged. So, that side of my foot is throbbing in pain. I'll be very glad when it heals. Ouchie!

So, I think I'll go soak my head. It hurts too.

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