Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here, Have Some Cardboard...

My apartment is driving me insane. Gah! Everywhere I go, clutter. Piles of stuff on every flat surface, including the floor.

And the cardboard, God save the Queen, it's everywhere! I went through over 20 boxes of books. I sorted them into piles - children's, sci-fi/fantasy (hard and paper back), fiction (hb and pb), cookbooks, art books, how-to books (banished to the spare/craft room), an engineering degree's worth of math/science/etc, other non-fiction, comedy, etc.

So, now I have all those boxes added to the foot-high stack of broken down moving boxes. Oh, and the massive cardboard towers that housed the two bookcases I've managed to assemble. And the waist high pile of unassembled bookcases. And the boxes of candles and other assorted junk still not organized into anything other than a random pile. Then you have to take into account the piles of books everywhere. And the two end tables that I dumpster-dived over a year ago and haven't taken to Goodwill yet.

My plan for the weekend after my brother is here is to make a trip to the cardboard recycle place, and to Goodwill. Hopefully that will help a bit. And maybe Ikea, for the corner bookcases.

I did manage to fill one of the bookcases, but the other one needs to be the one in the dining area with my cookbooks. That's because I managed to put it together backwards, and I realized it after I had securely nailed the back to the front. Whoops. It'll be fine, it'll hardly show at all, as long as the bookcase is by itself and not near one of the others like it.

Even the cat is having a hard time getting around. I have too much crap! Arrgh!

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