Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Ode to an Edit...

So it occurs to me, as I look over the list of my posts, that I have a lot of them to finish...
Many, many lines of green look back at me.
"Edit me! Post me! Finish me!" they cry.
It's becoming quite a clamor.
They're stacking ever higher.
Will I ever end another post again?
Oh me, oh my!
Call it done, good enough.
Why is it so hard to stop?
Say it's good enough and move on to the next?
Never again, I fear, will I see "blog published successfully."
Is there a secret? Is it a trick?
To close, to finish and then move along - this is my goal, you see.
Shouldn't be hard, people do it every day.
Why must I edit? Who will see?
Must stop now and call it done.
Complete. Finished.
No really, this time I mean it.

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