Monday, June 05, 2006

Arguing with Myself

If you haven't seen Jeff Dunham's DVD, you need to. The guy is a genius. The group watching it was in tears from laughing so hard - both times we watched it last weekend.

Jeff is a ventriloquist, and you've probably seen him on Leno, Letterman, or on comedy central. His act starts with Walter, a salty old codger. The two middle puppets are obviously newer, although still funny - Sweet Daddy D, and Bubba Junior. The funniest, in my opinion, is Peanut. I'm not sure what, exactly, Peanut is - kind of a chimp-like purple thing with fraggle rock hair - but he's hilarious. Pity those around me - they haven't seen the DVD (yet - my copy will be arriving this week, and everyone I know will have seen it shortly thereafter) but they have gotten to listen to my nonsensical quotations. (We're in HELL, and these are our hellmates! She got out of bed, jumped on her menstrual cycle and RAN MY ASS OVER! And so on...)

Make sure you watch the bloopers, with commentary at the end. The commentary explains so much.

If you have little ones, there is a bleeped track for them, but watch it again after they've gone to bed. Just make sure you're a ways away - your laughter will wake them up otherwise.

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