Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ah, The Talent...

Isn't it pretty? I made it myself, and then hung it in the window of my cube. Yes, that would be my head at the bottom. Peek a boo! So, I'm just all full of myself right now. I made a pretty 3D snowflake, which was cool. Then (and here's what gets me all atwitter) I took a picture of it with my shiny new phone and then, using the same shiny new phone, I emailed the picture to myself. How cool is that? Once again, I'm feeling quite technologically savy.

And yes, I did spend quality work time playing with paper and tape. Why not? The last reorg (shared a week ago, effective on the first) has essentially made me a file clerk so I'll be over here, applying to every job on Monster and making snowflakes 'till I get the f*** outta here.

If you'd like to make your own cool snowflake, check out this site. I had no idea it existed, but I've found all sorts of nifty things.


Suldog said...

Wow! That's very pretty. I think I could follow detailed instructions and not come close to that. Well done!

lookingUp said...

That IS a gorgeous snowflake, but I'm really here to see the 200 pound tree rock that you mentioned on Rurality's Blog :0) Any pictures?