Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, This Sucks.

Work blocked this site. Dammit. So, it's the library for me until I actually get around to purchasing my own computer... and a couch must come first. *sigh*

It took me 40 minutes to log in this morning because, according to the IT brain trust I talked to, my company's policy on where your email files live is in direct conflict with Microsoft and how they say to do it. So, nothing works. She told me the only way to "fix" it was to keep restarting the computer until it gave up and let me into my folders.

Then this afternoon, I lost everything - twice - 'cause the network decided to spontaneously reboot.

But, they have all sorts of time to be blocking possible non-work sites. Bastards. I've GOT to get outta here. Only 7 more months!


endangered coffee said...

It's all part of a giant robot government conspiracy


maybe not.

but it still sucks.

Suldog said...

Good luck, kid.