Sunday, November 16, 2008

Like That's Going to Stop Me...

My toes are cold. Also, my nose. Cold, cold, cold.

And even though it was 76 and sunny here yesterday and my parents have already experienced snow (bwahahahahaha!), I'm still going to whine 'cause I'm cold.

Someone told me that it's supposed to drop down into the 20s next week. I hope they were confused and didn't actually mean around here. If so, I'm really going to b*tch and moan! The mild weather is about the only perk this pit offers so I'm not going to be happy if winter actually hits here too!


In other news, I found the idiot last Monday. (He'd been hunting me on Friday.) He pulled me into a conference room and shut the door and I thought, "Sh*t. Here we go again." (Our relationship is rocky at best.) And he apologized for the email he sent that had me so pissed off for 2 days, and told me again what an excellent job I'm doing and how I'm such an important and valuable member of the team. This is the second time he's done this now. He's a two-faced jackass, in addition to being an idiot, so I take this with a grain of salt, but it is interesting.


On a somewhat related note, I've decided that now is not the time to be the last person into a company, so I've slowed the job search way down. If I find something that is exactly what I want exactly where I want it, then we'll see. But I've stopped looking too hard or talking to recruiters, 'cause they're scum. So for the time being, I remain trapped in the pit. Yay.


I had myself all set to make potato chowder today and I discovered that I'm out of onions. How can this be?!? So I put everything away and ordered a pizza. Screw it. I'll go to the store tomorrow.


I spent five hours on Friday basically working on the assembly line. We had a prepilot build of our spiffy new product. It was cool, 'cause I learned a lot about where my parts fit into the machine, and at the end of the day, I could see that I had actually accomplished something, which is a rare thing indeed in my world these days. But my feet were sore, and my thumbs hurt from connecting those devilish connectors (owie!). I called my parents Friday night to thank them for the whole college education thing 'cause I do not know how people manage on an assembly line doing the same thing every day. Five hours, and I had different things to do 'cause we were forcing these things to come together, and I was DONE.


That's about it in my world. I need to go find a sweater or something. Brrrr!

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Anonymous said...

Well, you probably are right - it might be better to stay put for now, but as soon as things start to look better... my vote is for getting out!

And, don't stop looking completely - anyone who is hiring during the current downturn will likely keep whoever they hire. Just let your trusted buds know that you are still "open".

Hang in there! It WILL GET BETTER! :)

(((hugs!))) Thim :)