Monday, December 08, 2008

Room O'Attack Packing Paper

Over a year ago, I said something about posting pictures of my room o'attack packing paper and I'm finally getting around to it!

When I was unpacking, it seemed perfectly logical to me how to go about things. I broke the boxes down and neatly stacked them in my entry. But then I had to figure out what to do with the paper... and I just happened to have an entire room, complete with a door, with nothing in it! Clearly not a coincidence, right?

So I kept unpacking, and hauling paper up to the room and unpacking and hauling and I've mentioned how carefully packed EVERYTHING was before, I think. Next thing I knew, I could barely get the door open and I seriously feared losing a cat in there. But still, nothing terribly unusual.

Then the nice mover men came and collected all the cardboard. And one of the guys followed me upstairs, took one look at my room of paper and went dead silent, staring into the room with his mouth hanging open. I started to suspect that once again, my idea of perfectly logical didn't exactly match other people's. This was reinforced when he called his friend upstairs and they called other people at the company, and then took a bunch of pictures.

One of the guys that they called came to see the room, and brought big leaf bags with him so they stuffed all the paper into bags and hauled it away. As they stuffed and carried, one of them asked me what in the world made me fill the whole room with paper. I got a strange look when I said that it had made sense to me. Stung, I asked what I should have done. He replied that most other people fill up the empty boxes with the paper. Oh. But then you can't break the boxes down and make a tower out of them! Anyway, next time you move, probably you shouldn't follow my example. (But it was a lot of fun to play in...)


Suldog said...

I am at a loss for words...


Floridacracker said...

Cool. It's like one of those ball pits at the kiddy playgrounds.

Leon Basin said...


Rurality said...

Holy cats! I'm going to have nightmares about this. ;)