Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm really really really looking forward to this weekend.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have scheduled an offsite meeting with a friend - at the pottery studio. Fridays are "bring your own wine" nights at the studio, and everyone brings wine and snacks and such. I'm not counting on being very productive, but I should have some cool stuff out of the kiln.

Then Saturday marks the beginning of the Aurora Fossil Festival. I've been looking forward to it since last year's was over. I will dig for more teeny tiny sharks teeth, and maybe find a cool rock or two to lug home with me. Can't wait!

And then, the toffee sprinkles on my little sundae... Monday off. Ah, blessed vacation! Have a great weekend! I hope to.


Rurality said...

Hoping for lots of pics when you get back!

jennster said...

you know i thought that was food and i was like.. what the HELL is that?!?!? LOL