Monday, June 22, 2009

I Broke.

Friday was one of the top 10 worst days of my life here, and trust me when I say that that is saying something. It started off at 7:00 am with my first phone call with a supplier, then moved to several meetings due to MAJOR crisis that were all completely preventable but were brought about by stupid people and went downhill from there. At 2:00, I made a major mistake. I thought to myself, "well, that's probably the worst of it." When will I learn?!?!?! 'Cause not even 10 minutes after that, I got a call about a major problem requiring us to sort every part in stock before our next production run and 10 minutes after THAT, I got a call about a final audit failure.

I had every intention of leaving before 5 to go to the studio, because every day last week was hell and I was on my last brittle, hormonal little nerve. Then something else came up and it was 7:00 before I made it home, where I found ginormous roaches in the entry and cat yak all over the couch. Ever think some days that someone upstairs is fucking with you just to see how far you bend before you snap? I curled up in a ball on my cat-yak free recliner and sobbed for a while, then crawled off to bed.

Saturday, I got up and went to the studio, where my friend, who I was supposed to meet at the studio on Friday, wondered what happened, since I hadn't returned any of her calls, after texting her that the studio wasn't going to happen. I told her that I'd tell her about my day on Friday, but warned her that if she dared to defend anyone in Development (her department, btw), I would rip her face off and feed it to her. I'm very calm and even tempered, you know. The rest of the day was spent glazing and centering myself (if not the clay, but that's another problem). I decided that going to see "Rocky Horror," which was playing at 10 pm, was a bad idea because I realized that I hadn't gotten myself back yet and one person flipping rice the wrong way and it could all be over. Sunday was spent in blessed solitude.

I really thought I'd gotten myself back to suitable-for-use-with-other-humans, I really did. Then, in today's 7:30 am meeting, the cause of a great deal of my frustration had the gall to demand to know when he'd get paperwork (about 30 MB worth) that we BOTH received Friday afternoon. And, in front of the entire room, I looked him dead in the eye and told him to shove his paperwork. He started, in his slimy little way, to laugh it off, but I really wasn't kidding. And it showed. He ended up getting very quiet and someone else distracted me from the utterly silent death glare I was giving him. Yeah. That whole playing well with others? Not so much.

Up until, well, now, these people had no idea what they were dealing with in me because I was quite careful. They saw me, lite - the fluffy bunny version of me. But dealing with the never ending bickering and stupidity and pettyness has finally gotten to me and well, they'd better brace themselves 'cause it's going to be a bumpy ride going forward. I have had enough. They will by God do their jobs, and do them the right way and if I have to ride every one of them into the dirt, well, it's way overdue. Thank the gods you don't have to deal with me right now 'cause until I drag this damn project into launch, it is not going to be pleasant for anyone around here. I personally guarantee it.

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Rurality said...

I hope you are fixed soon, or rather that your co-workers are, I guess. Your pottery looks great though.

Suldog said...

Get some good pills. Or, at least, a have a drink or two. Chillax, as the kids say. Sure, kick whatever butt needs to be kicked, but don't kick your own while you're at it :-)