Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Little Bowls, Little Bowls

Not much going on here, I'm afraid.

It's been raining like crazy here, leaving it in the high 80s and MUGGY. My glasses fog up every time I step outside the building at work. In spite of this, I'm still using my space heater with regularity while in the office. My office is fortunate enough to share air with the IT server room. We plugged some of the vents with cardboard and manilla folders but it's still sub-zero. I've learned to dress in layers, and never forget my wool sweaters.

The weekend was wonderful. I bailed from work early and headed to the studio to suck back wine and socialize um, work on my trimming. I got back more stuff from the latest glaze firing. Overall, I was pretty disappointed. My first handle came out pretty cool. (The bowl was lopsided enough that I turned one side into a spout, then decided it needed something else and tried the handle.)

The one that I was really looking forward to getting back was a huge disappointment though. I tried slip painting on it, and it was supposed to be black. (Slip is the gooey clay you end up with around your wheel when you throw pots. It's handy stuff - you use it to attach handles, to patch mistakes, and you can add color to it and use it as paint when your piece is in the hard leather stage (mostly dried but not yet fired).) Then I took a pointy thing and scribbled a design around the top edge. At one time, it looked really cool. Then it came out of the bisque firing and the black had turned red. I attempted to salvage it with glaze and it ended up awful. The outside is this dark mossy greenish brown, you can barely make out my scribbles and there was a problem with the glaze I used on the inside - it separated or jumped or fell or something off the clay so there's bare spots here and there in the inside. It broke my wittle heart, but I guess that's what you gamble when you experiment on things you care about.

I got some more stuff back too. Actually, that's all I accomplished was picking up my glazed things. These are also from the latest firing. The little bowl also had spots where the glaze misbehaved.

These were from the one before. All the glazing I did was in this color. I dipped in black, then brushed on 3 coats of mottled blue. I'm quite fond of this color - you'll probably be seeing it a lot.

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