Monday, August 10, 2009

One Step Forward...

A friend's grandmother passed away last week, so Saturday morning was spent in a church for the service. The choir was talented, and it *only* lasted an hour and a half and it meant a lot to her that we went (yeah, I dragged P with me) so it could have been worse. Still, I was quite glad to finally make it to the studio.

This weekend was the get-ready-for-school tax free weekend, and somehow they made it apply to stuff at the studio so I picked up more glaze and more clay. Yay for colors! I spend some time glazing, of course, and some time on the wheel. I still haven't decided if the 4 things I threw are worth keeping.

I escaped work tonight and headed over to the studio. Some progress was made. My fuschia vase is heading into the kiln today, so I should have it back on Friday.

Here's the progress of a couple of other things.

The birdies are a stamp, so don't be too terribly impressed there. I carved around the stamp, once it's dried I'll paint it before the bisque fire. We have a dipping glaze called 'rhubarb' that is a pinkish melon color. I may leave the birdies black and then use wax resist and dip in the rhubarb.

The red pot will probably be a give away - the white border isn't even and it'd drive me nuts if I paid too much attention to it.

I worked on trimming, and am done with two of the four from Saturday. I haven't decided if I'm keeping them yet, and I may add handles so they went back into the greenhouse to keep for the weekend. All tucked in:

I may have mentioned that we had a handbuilding class a while ago, and made baskets. Mine is probably going to end up crashing into a wall some day soon - I'm not terribly fond of it. It's been sitting on my shelf for ages while I debated with myself. I did have it bisque fired and there it sits. Whatcha think? Live or die?

Other progress made: Sophia has claimed the cherub chair.

Hope your week goes well!


threecollie said...

I vote to let it live....I love all your pots and am glad you are sharing them here Thanks

Island Rider said...

Wow! You are making great progress. Your pots are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sophia looks so comfy! :)

Live! Let the basket live! I especially love the texture of the "wicker" and how it contrasts with the smoothiness (yes it's a word, I just made it) of the top and handles.

Thanks for sharing - I agree with threecollie and Island Rider - your work is wonderful, and it is so great to see your work mature!

The Caustic Bunny said...

Let it live.
It's good and as you get better you can use it as a yardstick.

I kept the first stepstool I built. Pine, hand cut dovetails that somehow invent their own geometry, "made by" cut with a router in billboard size type.

Now looking at it I'm amazed I ever took a saw seriously.