Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Near Space Pictures... DIY for Under $200

This is just cool. Two MIT students with a weather balloon took some kick @$$ pictures from near space. Here's their page - they'll be posting a how-to guide shortly. Isn't it nearly science fair season?

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jennster said...

hi!!! i just wnated to thank you so much for your thought out and super great comment on my blog. i don't think i have your email addy, or i would have emailed you. i really appreciated your words and all the time you took to write them.. and you're right. and i am trying to appreciate living here for what it is, but it's hard when i just wnat to be somewhere else. but now do i want to be there out of principle or cause it's where i really want to be? and what if we move there and bf hates it and is as miserable as i am? i don't want that either.

le sigh

anyway.. thank you again