Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Travels Thru The Web...

So, this is what made me happy today.

A Treesweater. Of course. I'd knit a sweater for my tree out front but it's about three feet in diameter and I'm just not that good at knitting. Also? It just doesn't get that cold here.

I don't know who Discover has doing their ads, but this one rocks.

Who knows who or what Blur is, but this struck me as funny too.

There are days when the only ball I can sink in a pocket is the white one, so this is just amazing to me.

RAWR! Zombie octopus chandelier will eat your brain! Or, um, light up your living room. Whateva!

As I looked at the piles of books surrounding me on the couch - that I've been too lazy to put away... for weeks... I watched "Hoarders" on A&E and now I'm feeling MUCH better about myself. While bare flat spaces may be scarse, they do exist, and I can see my floors so I'm okay. Right?

I'm okay, you're okay. How about a hug? Free!

So, happy Monday!


Suldog said...

Man, that's one scary chandelier! I need a hug! Oh, yay! I got one! :-)

jennster said...

the tree sweater is fucking hilarious. lol

Anonymous said...

Twinks was looking over my shoulder, and asked me how you got that little old sweater on that little old tree...

We were both LOL - and now I want tree sweaters for all the trees in my yard! ;)