Friday, November 06, 2009

So Sleepy...

Holy smokes, y'all, it's been over a month! I've been around, reading blogs, but I'm spending so much energy at work that I mostly come home and collapse into a heap.

The pottery is coming along. I've got six things from last Saturday to trim. I think one is dead - the bottom is too thin and I think just getting it off the bat will kill it. The others might make it though.

Tomorrow is family day at work, so I have to spend a couple of hours there but I should be able to get to the studio by noon. We have a class tomorrow - salt and pepper shakers so that should be interesting.

I'm either hormonal, coming down with something or both. I'll be in bed by 10 tonight - which is unheard of for me - 'cause I'm just beat. And, I've teared up twice in 15 minutes - over a commercial, and upon reading that FC's snake found its way home. Clearly I'm sleep deprived.

So, sleep tight!


Floridacracker said...

Hope you get some decent rest. It's okay to tear up over Stewie tho!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got some good sleep - everything seems worse when we are tired!

Can't wait to see more pictures from the studio, when you have a chance! :)