Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzard 2010!!!!

It actually snowed here yesterday. They said it was going to, and I didn't believe them. Coworkers bailed to run to the store for the essentials (beer, bottled water, bread, milk, and toilet paper) and I laughed. Then at some point Friday evening, I peeked outside my chamber door to find... it was snowing!

I checked again around 3 am to find that we actually had accumulation.

Then I peeked outside on Saturday morning and found actual snow! Here, in coastal North Carolina!

My Jeep was not amused.

Well trained little Northerner that I am, I went out and shoveled the porch steps and the sidewalk. Everyone else's sidewalks were just tromped down, which bothered me quite a bit. When I got to the studio, I muttered about it and got laughed at - no one here shovels. No one here even owns a snow shovel. By the time I left the studio, around 5 pm, the snow had melted from the roads and the sidewalks. *sigh* That was time well spent. I could have spent more time on my snowman.

I do wish I'd thought to take pictures of all of the snowmen around here. Every yard (including, I must confess, my own) had at least one snowman. It was like we'd been invaded. Some of them leaned a bit, and they sported an interesting assortment of headgear and accessories, but they were EVERYWHERE. No matter how different we all are, sometimes you just have to go play in the snow.

But enough of this silliness, it's time for Spring. Bring on the warm weather!!

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The Caustic Bunny said...

Here at ground zero for two consecutive blasts, this is getting o l d.
And that's from a more northerner than you.

Enjoy the dusting. Thanks for shoveling.