Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pots, Bowls & Mugs - Part 1: At Home

This is all the stuff I've finished recently. (Brace yourself - this is a bit overdue and things have piled up.)

Here are pieces that I carved and then painted:

Yeah, I started this one last year, got it finished and then forgot it on my shelf until nearly February. I'm not late, I'm early for next year!

I have a stamp with a similar image, and I ended up liking my hand carved version better than the stamp.

I did another bowl with similar squiggles, but I dyed them dark again a lighter clay. That was a huge amound of work. For this one, I painted a bowl with red underglaze and then carved the squiggles out. The clay is white, and it shows through quite nicely.

Lilies, also from before Christmas - the season was hectic and they got buried. I kept thinking I was forgetting something...

I'm pretty proud of the way this one turned out, so these pictures follow the pattern all the way around. I carved the ribbons over and under into the clay and then painted them once the clay dried. Then I bisqued it and clear glazed it.

This one is kind of a hybrid - I carved out the strip and then brush glazed it. The jasper and the deep firebrick react to each other in ways that are unexpected and pretty cool.

These are just bowls - most of them are color experiments with new glazes. I made most of them in one day during the empty bowls charity push. I'm a bit unhappy - these were all round when they went INTO the firing, but slightly warped when they came out. *grumble*

And these were thrown by another lady in the studio and she didn't like them. I rescued them from the trash can and played with the glaze a bit.

Next up: Part 2 - All of the stuff that is currently in progress.

My raku firing got postponed indefinitely due to a lack of people. *sigh* Sadness. But, I have finished all of the bisque for it and set it aside so I'm ready whenever the instructor is. Now totally works for me...


Rurality said...

Wow, you've been busy! :) Very pretty things - can't decide which I like best. But maybe the squiggles. :)

Suldog said...

Those are truly beautiful! I wish I had such a talent. Very nice.

Floridacracker said...

Really nice work.

Anonymous said...

Squiggles! I *love* the squiggles!!!

I continue to be awed by your talent! :)