Sunday, June 06, 2010

Glitters + Glazing + Blueberries = YUMMY Weekend

I am, in spite of the knives and the engineering degree, occasionally very much a girly girl. I love shoes, my toenails are nearly always painted. And I'm very fond of jewelry. I don't wear rings - I spend too much time crawling around inside machines for that. But I love earrings and bracelets and necklaces. So I left work on Friday at 4:15 to run "errands." My errand was actually to run over to a jewelry store that was closing to look for bargains on shiny things. Ooh, I had a good time and it was all 75% off. Yay! I used most of my play money, so I'm off the auction circuit for a while. It was totally worth it.

From there, I went to the studio and glazed for a while. (I once again had so much bisque to glaze that until I got it under control, I wasn't allowing myself to make any more.)

Saturday, I glazed ALL day. I got to the studio, with my typical Dunkin' Donuts coffee order, around 11:00 am and was there until nearly 7:00 pm. But, I finished 15 things! Now, I can't WAIT for the firing to be done. It was a bit odd - they're renovating the studio so a wall was missing when I got there. I think it'll be really nice when they're done with it. Right now, though, it's weird. Anywho, these are the before pictures. The mug has taken 4 days of glazing. Stupid grid. But it should be pretty cool when done. I experimented some more too - I dipped bowls in alabaster glaze, and then used underglaze watercolors to paint the flowers, and the confetti, on over the glaze. Then I clear glazed them. We'll see how it turns out. *fingers crossed*

After I left the studio I went home and finished planting my annuals. I hope they fill in fast - they look kind of scrawny now. The problem is that I'm still on Ohio/Chicago garden time. Everyone here planted their annuals a month ago, so I ended up buying the flowers no one else wanted. Poor little things. Maybe they'll recover.

Sunday, I went to the studio for an hour or so then went to pick blueberries. The early crop is perfect right now. Of course, I hadn't driven there on my own before so I got a bit turned around and took the wrong road. It was a nice drive, and I saw wild turkeys in a field so that was cool. I got myself turned back around and got to the pick it yourself place. It was a bit warm, but really beautiful.

And, I found another old gas pump.

All in all, a very delicious weekend!

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