Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Idiot Cat

... got stuck in the sleeve of my jacket today. It's been raining for four days here and so I've been wearing a nylon windbreaker back and forth to try to keep from looking like a total drowned rat. Because the coat was wet when I got home this evening, I draped it over a stool in the entry to dry before I hung it up in the closet.

Twenty minutes later, there arose quite a clatter - a prolonged, suspicious rustling noise coming from the entry. Upon investigation, I found this:

At first, I thought she was just playing with a zipper or something. Yeah. No. So I scooped her up and hauled her (and the dripping wet jacket) off to the couch to investigate. She got herself jammed but good into that sleeve. While she squawked and bit at me (because clearly this was my fault), I tried to jam her furry little body back into the sleeve. No dice. I finally managed to pull enough of the end of the sleeve loose enough to get to the snap that holds the end shut around my wrist (or the Peanut's middle). Once I had the end loosened, I held up the sleeve and shook it gently and the Peanut slithered free.

It's been a while since she pulled something this boneheaded, but this is the cat that, as a kitten, spent some quality time at the vet's because she ate my couch. And rocks. Several ink pens. Assorted leaves, twigs, bugs and other outside detris. Any flower she could get her teeth into. Several toilet paper rolls of toilet paper. Paper towels. A paper clip.

She falls down the stairs on a fairly regular basis 'cause she gets to the landing, turns the corner, catches sight of her tail, freaks out over that thing following her down the stairs and attacks it, then rolls down the rest of the staircase.

And so on. She's very affectionate, but she's never going to be one of the great thinkers of the cat world.


Ben said...

How on earth do the cat manage to get itself that far down the sleeve?

Ben said...

*did* not do. Just in case you thought I couldn't write at all :)

Island Rider said...

And I thought only dogs were that stupid.

The Caustic Bunny said...

Cat with head stuck in grocery bag.
Cat who gets locked in neighbor's garage for three days.
Cat who hides in sports gear so you look like "Furrman" on race day.
Cat who land 4 paws into hors d'oeuvres at party (don't ask who was there getting ideas)

Suldog said...

Perhaps your cat's paws are worn down and need to be re-treaded? It sounds as though she isn't getting enough traction!