Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Quandary...

I started this job the Monday after Thanksgiving last fall. I knew it was a risk, moving from dealing with suppliers to dealing with customers, but I REALLY wanted out of North Carolina.

Now, I work in a very small office (<30 people). The manufacturing plant is in Mexico. I like the company, I like my boss, and I like most of the people that I work with here. But. Oh man, BUT... I really dislike my job.

I really dislike not having the plant close enough to get my hand on them. I REALLY dislike dealing with the customer. I flat out hate the total lack of ownership or responsibility from people in the plant.

And none of that is going to change. Nothing I do is going to fix this. My boss sends out red fonted, bold faced emails to people telling them to do their jobs and they don't. He's the director - if they aren't listening to him, they sure as hell aren't going to listen to me.

Some deadweight (the guy who I dealt with when this company was MY supplier, the same one that I banned from my site 'cause he was a moron) left the company a couple of months ago, so I've been doing his job too. And I hate it. I hate customer visits and trying to act like an electronics technician when I'm not and don't want to be one. I've been trying to just hold on 'till we got a new hire in, but a couple of weeks ago, my boss mentioned that they may not be replacing him. I've said that I hate customer visits, but I don't know if that's going to make any difference.

Even if they hire someone for that role, I still can't actually FIX anything - I can't get to the plant. My whole job is pounding on other people to do their stuff. There hasn't been a single thing - not one - in nearly 5 months that I've needed from the quality manager down there that I've gotten in a timely fashion, if I even get it at all. Huge presentation to the customer - a monthly one, so it's not like they didn't expect it - on Friday. I'm supposed to send the presentation to them on Monday before. I didn't get some of the critical data from the qm until 2:30 am the night before the presentation. So I was at work at 6 am, throwing this thing together, to send to them 10 freaking minutes before the meeting started.

So, I guess I'll polish the resume AGAIN and start poking around to see what's out there. I really don't want to move again this soon... at least not until I've finished the HUGE claim for this move. (Note: Wheaton Mover = evil. Evil, evil, evil. Stay away!) I don't want to leave my boss high and dry - he's been good to me. But there's no other place for me to go in the company here, and I really don't want to stay either. Gah.


Rurality said...

Dang girl, what has happened since April? Any luck finding a new job? I see you're posting more than me, but not much more. :)

Anonymous said...

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