Friday, August 18, 2006

My Aura and Other Stolen Things

From Danger Mouse and Stu, five weird things about myself:

1) My hearing is so acute that I can hear lasers. I can walk into your house and tell you whether or not your TV is on, and the daily hum of the fluorescent lights nearly drives me insane. I carry earplugs with me everywhere I go.

2) Like Danger Mouse, I am totally compulsive about peeling things, any things I can get my fingernails into. From one little flip of wallpaper, I can denude the wall in a couple of hours, without really being conscious of what I'm doing.

3) I am a very picky eater, although I am not allergic to anything foodwise. I do not eat things that live in water, fungus, organs, baby animals or any other animal I've ever considered a friend. I am not, however, a vegetatarian. I consider cows to be dinner and a coat on the hoof.

4) I have a magnetic personality. No, really. I cannot keep credit cards anywhere near me or they are rendered useless. I replace watch batteries several times a year, and I nearly always set off airport security. The wand beeps at all of my joints and about half way up my shins. Electronic devices do not like me and I have more computer malfunctions that anyone else I know - I have my own file of odd computer errors in our IT department, and they use me to beta test everything new.

5) I have no sense of direction. None. I got lost here in the building where I've worked for three years just last week. I went down a different staircase, and nothing looked familiar and for an instant, I had no idea where to go. My family says that I subscribe to the daylight school of navigation - east in the morning, west in the evening and at noon I circle helplessly.

This is fun. I think I'll do more than five.

6) I have a hard time with right and left. Before telling people which way to turn, I make 'L's with my index fingers and thumbs. Occasionally, I can't remember which way the L is supposed to go. I used to wear a ring on my left hand to remind me which one was the left one.

7) I am like a cat with closed doors - I'm always on the wrong side of them. I always sit with my back to a wall in restaurants, and I always know where all the exits are. Any building that I spend any time in at all, I will explore in detail at some point during my time there, usually in the middle of the night when I don't have to try to explain myself. (This makes my getting lost in the building even more embarrassing.)

8) I do not like people walking behind me, and I prefer not to be touched casually. Touchy feely people creep me out. My friends torture me by chasing me around and trying to hug me. I rarely wear my hair down in public because everytime I do, someone attempts to pat my hair as though I were a poodle. It's all I can do not to bite them.

9) I tend to think in cartoons, and most of the people in my world remind me of either a cartoon or a muppet.

10) I don't like odd numbers. They just seem incomplete. Whenever possible, I prefer the number two.

My aura is apparently green. Bummer. I was hoping for blue - that's my favorite color. Thanks, Sharfa, for the idea. :-)

So what's yours?

Your Aura is Green

You're very driven, competitive, and even a bit jealous.
However, you seek out balance in your life - and you usually achieve it!

The purpose of your life: inspiring others to be better

Famous greens include: Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart

Careers for you to try: Guru, CEO, Talk Show Host

I'm afraid that I don't really agree with this. Okay, well. I don't agree with the purpose. My purpose really is getting people to stay the hell outta my way more than them being better. I guess I am fairly driven (if that's the same as really, really stubborn). I'm competitive in that I prefer to win, but I will force myself to be a good sport about it either way. Hmm. I do have to battle back slight jealousies, or more appropriately, mild insecurities so I guess that one holds too. Sorta.


Stu said...

I would bet that the laser thing and the magnetic thing and the bad sense of direction thing are the same thing. Probably something to do with a disturbance in vibrations. Pretty amazing. You're like this close to being a super-hero, if only we could figure out how to expand on your sensitivity to these things. Like, you could be a crimefighter, able to determine when people were lying or when criminals were using special devices or something. Seriously, there's a comic book in there somewhere.

Rurality said...

The high-pitched noises from cash registers used to drive me nuts, but as I got older... well I thought they'd changed the machines, but I suppose it was my hearing that changed. :)

Ericka said...

crimefighter, stu? i see more possibilities as a villian. except i'd probably get lost while trying to escape and trap myself. *sigh*

yeah, my hearing used to be better. one too many metallica concerts, i'm afraid.

cmhl said...

I love that you are like dangermouse. I LOVE dangermouse.

celeste said...

I am interested in the 'touch' comment. Sinse I can remember, I have always hated when peopple touch me. I do not like being hugged, touched on the arm, leg, shoulder...etc. Is there a site you know of that "touches" (if you will) on this subject?
Please and thank you , Celeste

Suldog said...


With that sensitivity to sound, I am very curious about what sort of music you like and what sort you do not like. Anything in particular?