Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We Need You...

I will restrain myself from a full-bore rant on the state of our union today, but I will say this: I firmly believe that organizations like this one may be our only hope to remain a democratic society. Please visit
today and look around.

Okay, can't help it. Maybe a little rant...

Here's a news flash for you. The government can't protect you. Thomas Edison said, "Those who prefer security to liberty deserve neither." There is a cost to being free, and it is not rolling over when the government tells you to give up liberties to gain security. You haven't gained security, you've only lost liberty.

The cost, as far as I'm concerned, to liberty is liberty: living in a society where it is possible for another 9/11 to happen. Keeping track of the library books that you read, the places you go, the people you talk to and what you say, the things that you buy and what you do with them will not save us from this happening again. Be vigilant, be aware, don't be apathetic, take control of your life - not just in the day to day moments but also of the big pictures as well. We as a country are eroding. Last year, at the Press Awards Dinner, Bush joked about finding WMD. They showed him looking under podiums and such, saying "nope, not here," while the press laughed along with him - as our sons and daughters died. That didn't really even make the news, but some blonde slut saying she's not going to get laid for a year did. Is anyone else sensing a problem here? All I'm asking is please, for the love of the god you believe in, GET INVOLVED. Pay attention.

Maybe I'm wrong, and the majority of the country really is that small-minded and fundamentalist. Maybe Ben Franklin was right when he said that common sense wasn't. Maybe people getting involved will only mean that stem cell research stops, and women lose their reproductive rights, and we stop teaching science to our children and we build discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation into the Constitution. Maybe we as a nation aren't the people that I think we are. But I'd be easier with that than the current situation, where a few scary nutjobs are holding all the cards, so PLEASE just get involved.

Do it for the kittens, if nothing else.

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