Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things I've Done, Part 2 (questions 51-100)

Wow, this is taking me forever. Who put this thing together anyway?

See here for Part 1.

Total Count for the second part:
Yes: 23
1/2 credit: 4
No: 23

Yes: 53, 55-59, 62-65, 69, 70, 73, 74, 77, 80, 83, 84, 87-89, 98, 100
1/2 credit: 67, 76, 85, 86
No: 51, 52, 54, 60, 61, 66, 68, 71, 72, 75, 78, 79, 81, 82, 90-97, 99

51 - Visited Ireland. See #5

52 - Been heartbroken longer than you were actually in love. Nope. I'm fairly shallow.

53 - In a restaurant, sat at a stranger's table and had a meal with them. Hibachi Japan in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is VERY tasty if you're ever in the neighborhood. They've got a great plum wine, and you sit at tables of 8. If you don't have 8 in your party, you meet new people over dinner.

54 - Visited Japan. See #5

55 - Milked a cow. See #32 - that whole rural thing. I've been cow tipping too.

56 - Alphabetized your CDs. Umm. Doesn't everyone? How do you find anything if you haven't.

57 - Pretended to be a superhero. Sure. Not lately, but as a kid, I frequently pinned a towel around my neck for a cape and went swooping around the house.

58 - Sung karaoke. Dogs cried. Trust me, you're better off not personally witnessing this.

59 - Lounged around in bed all day. I don't think *lounged* per se is the right word, but sleeping all day is a typical weekend activity for me.

60 - Posed nude in front of strangers. Oh, hell no.

61 - Gone scuba diving. *sigh* I ended up an engineer at least partly because in high school I signed up for a summer camp to become certified in scuba. I didn't get into the scuba camp but the same university also had an engineering camp and they put me in that. At the camp, I came to realize that the scuba camp was bait and everyone in the engineering camp applied for the scuba one. Flash forward several years, and everyone I kept in touch with majored in... engineering. AND, not one of us ever managed a scuba certification.

62 - Kissed in the rain. Of course. If you haven't, I'm sorry.

63 - Played in the mud. Certainly. I like to feel it squishing between my toes, and I make a mean mud pie.

64 - Played in the rain. In high school physics, we proved (somehow or another) that you get wetter running through the rain than you would just walking through it. Assuming I'm not going to spend a lot of time afterwards in wet denim, I'd rather stomp in puddles and play.

65 - Gone to a drive-in theater. There used to be a theatre in Akron, Ohio called the Gala. My friends and I regularly went - there was a futon mattress in the back of my pickup for years 'cause we'd take the cap off and lounge in the bed with a cooler and watch the double features. The most fun was probably the "Anaconda"/"Relic" double-feature. Yay creature movies!

66 - Visited The Great Wall Of China. See #5

67 - Started a business. I'll say half credit here, 'cause I'm not sure lemonade stands at age 7 count. Although, I occasionally have enough done to have a booth at a craft show.

68 - Fallen in love and not had your heart broken. Hearts break all the time, at least a little.

69 - Toured ancient sites. Many as I've wandered the highways and byways of our very interesting country. One of the coolest: the serpent mound in Adams County, Ohio. It's a very spiritual place. If you're ever in the neighborhood, check it out here.

70 - Taken a martial arts class. I've taken several. I actually need to start back up - I enjoyed it thoroughly.

71 - Played D&D for more than 6 hours straight. I've never understood that game.

72 - Gotten married. Nope. Never even got close. I fully expect to be the crazy old lady with a million cats. Maybe you'll see me on the news one day.

73 - Been in a movie. "In" a movie might be an exaggeration. I was an inadvertent extra several times, and a couple friends are amateur filmmakers. I've been in their movies - usually I end up getting killed off in some improbable fashion.

74 - Crashed a party. Just a couple of weeks ago, my friend and her sister had a house warming. They gave directions to their cluster of townhouses and said to follow the balloons. I did that and ended up sitting in a garage full of people I'd never seen before. I just figured them for my friend's sister's friends. Gradually it occurred to me that I was the only white person there and they were all looking at me weirdly. Turns out, I took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong cluster - at someone's family reunion. Whoops. I should have eaten there - whatever they were cooking smelled fantastic and I ended up eating cold pizza and burnt sloppy joes.

75 - Gotten divorced. My parents are still my parents and otherwise, you need to get married to get divorced.

76 - Gone without food for 5 days. We'll say half credit here, 'cause I had a nasty, horrible bout with the stomach flu once that lasted nearly 2 weeks. I couldn't keep water down. It was awful.

77 - Made cookies from scratch. *blink* Of course. Any other way doesn't really count. I feel this was about all baking and most cooking. If you use a store-bought pie crust, it doesn't count as baking either. (Yes, I'm a baking and a cooking snob.)

78 - Won first prize in a costume contest. No, but if you're ever in Kent, Ohio around Halloween, you should really go and check out their costumes. Kent has a very good fashion design program and Halloween costumes were part of one of the classes.

79 - Ridden a gondola in Venice. See #5.

80 - Gotten a tattoo. So far, just one but they really are like potato chips. I hadn't even healed from it before I was contemplating what to do next.

81 - Rafted The Snake River. Several others, but not that one. Not yet anyway.

82 - Been on a television news program as an expert. And not likely to be, ever.

83 - Got flowers for no reason. My friend and I exchange flowers for no reason at random points throughout the year. It perks both of us up.

84 - Performed on stage. Not particularly well, and not since high school.

85 - Been to Las Vegas. Half credit here - I've spent several hours in the airport on layovers.

86 - Recorded music. Nothing I've ever personally produced could ever even be called lyrical. I've taped music off of the radio and made my own cd collections. Does that count? We'll say half credit here.

87 - Eaten shark. I tried it. Yuck.

88 - Eaten fugu (pufferfish). Same as above.

89 - Had a one-night stand. *sigh* I went through a period where my ability to make intelligent decisions took a powder. It's okay, I'm mostly over it.

90 - Gone to Thailand. See #5

91 - Bought a house. Not yet. Once day, hopefully.

92 - Been in a combat zone. I'm assuming you mean a real one, and not my friend's marriage.

93 - Buried one/both of your parents. I can't even contemplate it.

94 - Been on a cruise ship. Nope. Maybe one day.

95 - Spoken more than one language fluently. Are you kidding? I'm usually incoherent in English. I am attempting to learn Spanish though. And if I manage that, I did promise my grandmother to learn German - the native tongue, if you will.

96 - Performed in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've never ever seen the whole show in a theatre.

97 - Raised children. I spent several months as a nanny. It was hell, and completely reinforced my decision to never breed.

98 - Followed your favorite band/singer on tour. Not for the entire tour, but for several cities.

99 - Taken a bicycle tour in a foreign country. See #5.

100 - Picked up and moved to another city just to start over. At 21, I took a wild hair and moved to Southern California for several months. At 30, I moved several hundred miles away for a new job. Very traumatic.


Suldog said...

Well, come on! What's the tatoo?

(We can imagine much worse than whatever it is, so you may as well tell us, you know.)

Ericka said...

lol - it's quite innocuous, i'm afraid. i have a flower and a butterfly on the top of my left foot.

so, pretty much anything you imagined was probably worse than it was.

Floridacracker said...

#65 Hooray for movie creatures! My uncle was an extra in Creature From The Black Lagoon, he got wacked by the creature.

#74 I went to the wrong funeral once.

Anonymous said...

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