Monday, July 09, 2007

Yay! Blinky Bugs, and Boring Weekend Stuff

Friday's list? Ha. Right. I wasn't a total lump this weekend, but it was close. The cardboard from the storage rack has been dealt with (if by dealt with you mean added to the stack of cardboard in the entry way that is now as tall as I am).

Jeep? Still filthy and in need of an oil change. This week. It'll definitely happen this week. Mandavilla vine? Still squashed in a baby pot and falling over every time the wind blows. Plantlets - not only not fertilized, but now getting rather desperate for water too. Bad plant parent. Bad. Bookcases? Still a mess. Stuff for goodwill? Still strewn all over the house. The sweeping/mopping/dusting/cleaning thing? Yeah. You could ask the cat fur tumbleweeds about that - I think they're nearly sentient at this point. Drive scooped? Nope. And it needs it. Ugh. Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate living near people whose idea of pet care is a flea collar on their outside, unfixed animals?

But, craft room organized? Well, no. But I'm getting there. My charts and kits and random stash and supplies were pretty much in the bags from the store and any time I needed anything, I had to dig through everything for it. Now, my kits are divided into 2 drawers. My charts are filed neatly - alphabetically by title within the proper category. Stacks of several years of various magazines are sorted, organized and stored in those cool magazine holder things. I have finished assembling (finally) all of the boxes of furniture in-house, at least until I go buy more.

Part of the reason that nothing much got done was the I discovered something wonderful! We have blinky bugs here! Before I moved, I was kind of freaking out about it. I don't want to live any place that doesn't have lightning bugs. (Did I look at crime statistics? No. Schools? No. Amenities? No. Cultural opportunities? No. Calculate the cost of living? Nope. My criteria, established once I got here, was - do they have blinky bugs? I may need to rethink this before the next move.) My mom and I decided, for no reason that I can remember now (but may have had something to do with my cousin in San Diego not having them) that I was moving to a lightning bug free zone. I was quite bummed out by this. Over the weekend, I discovered that we do indeed have them, and my unmowed jungle is a virtual playground for them. So, instead of getting a bunch of stuff done this weekend, I spent several hours chasing blinky bugs around my back yard. You can make me work, you can't make me grow up. If you can't find a rose to sniff, take the time to chase around the wildlife.


Suldog said...

I like that term and I'm amazed I never heard it growing up. Blinky bugs. Huh.

Ava said...

We have blinky bugs here! I guess those are the same as Lightening Bugs????

My first time to visit!

So ... Hello there!

Ericka said...

That's what my brother and I called them when we were very small, and so they remain... blinky bugs. Just like electricity in the outlets was killy-wiggles.

Yup. Blinky bug = lightning bug, and welcome. :-)