Friday, July 06, 2007

The Week That Wouldn't Die

It's Friday! Hooray! I don't know how it works that I had a day off this week and it stills seems like this week took a month to get through. I STILL haven't talked to my boss - but we have another meeting scheduled for next Friday. Maybe that one will happen.

Some conclusions:

It's amazing how much easier things are when you use the correct tool. I went to Sam's Club last weekend and bought a Gorilla Rack for my storage room. It's the largest single shelving unit I've found - with six shelves, measuring 84" high. Wednesday I attempted to put the rack together. Yeah, that worked out great. It doesn't have screws - it's got rivets that (in theory) lock into this keyhole arrangement - the only tool you need to put it together is a hammer. The problem with the hammer, however, is the vibration. As you whack away at one end of the metal bar, the other end pops out of its little channel. Very frustrating, especially given my mood this week. Instead of chucking the whole thing through the nearest window, I walked away... and came back last night with a rubber mallet. That worked MUCH better. It was still a pain in the hindquarters to put together, but I did get it put together, and mostly loaded. Yay! It's amazing how much more organized that room looks now, even with just the one unit in there.

In other news, the vet looked at the Peanut last night. Her glands are as they should be, and she doesn't seem as sore through her back as she was. He recommended that I give her 2 more doses of the drugs, but all seems well on that front. He also had some literature for the drug for me 'cause apparently I'm the only one on the planet who reads the drug inserts for pet medications. (The drug is Medical or some such thing and it says that it is for dogs only all over the package. If you read the insert, it's got "not for use in cats" in bold, buried halfway down the page on the back - so I called the vet and asked about it before I gave it to her. The man was thrilled.)

I'm mostly over my gloom about being away from home on my favorite holiday for the first time ever. Mostly. That's not gonna happen again. The fourth of July is for blowing up shit with your family and friends. Next year, I'll remember that and plan ahead.

And I have a plan for this weekend:
* clean out the inside of my Jeep
* replant the mandavilla vine into a MUCH bigger pot
* fertilize the plantlets
* deal with the cardboard/wrapping from the storage rack
* organize at least one bookcase of books
* gather stuff for goodwill into one pile (maybe even in the Jeep)
* sweep/mop/dust/clean bathrooms - typical weekend behavior
* spend at least half a day working on getting my craft room organized
* scoop the driveway, again

We'll see how much of it actually happens.

Man, this day is dragging! Only 400 hours to go before I can go home. Are we there yet?

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Suldog said...

Glad to hear The Peanut is getting better. Now, you get better!