Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hunting/Shopping - It's All The Same

“I might,” the Brownie allowed. “I never know what I need until I go shopping, and then I think of lots of things.” All I could think of at the moment was how perfectly my daughter had managed to express what I suspect is an axiom for her entire gender.

This quote is courtesy of MM, regarding a shopping experience with his daughter. It reminds me of something similar that a friend said once, which is totally true - at least in my case.

My friend said that the differences in the genders can be boiled down to the way they look at hunting, which closely parallels shopping in many ways. Men go out seeking a deer. Several hours later, he may or may not come back with a deer. Women go out seeking a deer. She may or may not return with a deer, but she will have 4 squirrels, 2 rabbits, some quail and maybe a bear. It's all in your focus.


Suldog said...

Absolutely the truth.

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