Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Friday Plans...

Maybe you've got some. Mine are unfolding just the way I'd hoped. Well, once I gave up on the job and bailed at 10:30 pm...

But I'm home now so it's all good. And I've got a TALL glass of fruity alcoholic goodness... which may be why I find this picture SO hilarious.

Um, be warned, the website in the corner of the picture? Damn near burned my eyes out. If you aren't into porn, restrain yourself from visiting. Made me think of that smurf video someone sent me. Holy crap. People are TERRIFYING. Who thinks of painting themselves completely blue and having a menage a troi in a meadow? *headshake*

Somewhere I wandered off-track. Where was I going with this? Hmm. Well, anyway, I'm sitting on my couch watching country music videos and sucking back the best drink ever! Actually, I need another one, and my typing skills are sliding. Here's the recipe, make one for yourself!

Take a tall glass. Add ice if you like - not too much, dilution is not our friend here. I actually have these cool - okay, frozen, so cold not cool but whatever - pillow things that live in my freezer and substitute for ice.

So, fill your glass about 1/5 of the way full with pineapple rum. (Yum! I love pineapple rum!) Then add about 3/5 full of orange juice. Then top with 1/5 full of cranberry juice. If you use light cranberry juice and concentrate, you can layer it and it's pretty. I just dump it in and stir with the straw. So yummy.

Well, enjoy your evening - I am. :-)

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