Monday, October 27, 2008

Summer Days...

I'm curled up under a blankie, shivering and listening to the wind howl outside, and wishing it was still July. In the spirit of summer, these are of my flowers this year.

This is my Amnesty Day planter, full of petunias. This was taken shortly after I transplanted them, and they were still recovering. The planter ended up beautiful, with cascading flowers to the ground.

My mandavilla vine had a grand total of 4 flowers on it this year, but I was sure that I'd murdered it over last winter, so I was happy to see any flowers at all.

And these are from my Sam's Club special hibiscus, which I also thought I'd killed. (Really I have no business buying plants. I'm like a plant serial killer.)

Even though my little friend here has been living in the hibiscus all summer, and I've been chasing him around with a camera all summer, this is the best picture I've managed. I'm going to blame him 'cause he's faster than you think and not on my admittedly questionable photography skills. But I swear the little bugger taunts me. He'll be posing at the end of a branch when I get home from work, and by the time I get back outside with a camera, the little snot is hiding behind leaves. I can hear him laughing at me!

So, hope you're managing to stay warm!

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