Monday, December 29, 2008

Leading Me Down The Garden Path...

Or... my Garmin suddenly went apeshit crazy yesterday and I need it to come back to me!

I had to drive to Indiana yesterday to visit a supplier - yay! - and the device that I've come to depend on totally dropped the ball. OMG. I'm so traumatized by this, you just have no idea.

First, heading for 71 and the Garmin tells me to head for Cleveland. Okay, 'cause it's not like I checked a map to verify her accuracy before leaving. I drove several miles up 71 and she told me to get off at 18 AND THEN GET BACK ON 71 HEADING THE OTHER DIRECTION. WTF???

Second, heading into the wilds of Indiana, and she tells me to exit the highway at a spot that says the correct city. Okey-dokey. Then I traveled 40+ miles in circles on gravel roads past cows (and fields, old cemetaries, REALLY cool houses and other things I wished I had a chance to explore) to get back on the same damn highway, one exit down. Awesome! I'm so glad a coworker was waiting for me at the hotel! Oddly, he chose to drive to and from the supplier's yesterday.

Then today, she tried to get me to turn off the highway into a lake for almost a quarter of a mile, pulled those "get off here, go aways, turn around you idiot, you are going the wrong way" things TWICE and then the battery died. My brother calls her the "bitch in a box" and today, I must agree. Bad Garmin! Bad!


The Caustic Bunny said...

A rented GPS in Dallas damn near took me to Mexico last year. Or, downtown by way of a cross stitch pattern.

Suldog said...

I'm such a relic. I've never used a GPS. I use maps. MapQuest is my only concession to new technology. It's precisely because of what you write about here that I don't get one. I'd rather read it and do it than take a shot at a computer getting me lost :-)

Rurality said...

There was an episode of The Office where the thing kept telling them to turn into a lake... they did, of course.

I made your cookies! They tasted great. But are they supposed to be a soft cookie? They never got very hard, but that might have been due to the horrible humidity here when I made them. Or possibly I just can't bake worth a flip.