Friday, April 10, 2009


Yay for Spring! It's my favorite! And here, it's actually a Season and not just a passing dream. The pollen has turned everything yellow, so those with allergies are suffering, but I'm very fortunate not to have them so I can just enjoy the colors and the flowers, the froggies singing and the warm breezes.

Here are some pictures from a recent jaunt around town. This is looking from my porch toward the driveway.

The azalas (complete with oak pollen string things) that surround my porch...

These are the weeds that live in my shrubbery around my porch.

I have two very large dogwood trees overhanging my driveway.

The wisteria around here is incredible - it's actually a weed, which is a bit discouraging when I think about how we struggle and pamper and beg the wisteria in Ohio to please just don't die! There are a couple of areas of wild brush that I pass on my way to work every day - this is from one of them.

A random garden... pansies are such cheerful little flowers, and it's mild enough here that they can occasionally survive winter.

Don't forget to stop to enjoy the flowers!

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