Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me.

My birthday is April 11. It is convenient how often that falls on/near Easter, since I am still (technically) an Ohio resident so I have to be here around my birthday to update my tags and registration. (It is legal - I have a permanent address, and my dad's business to thank for that.)

I left my house Friday around 8 pm for the drive back to Ohio for Easter and the Garmin, who still hates me, found an exciting new route. This route was North Carolina to Northeastern Ohio, via the Pennsylvania turnpike. The PA turnpike - a road I've traveled only a couple of times in my life - in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, with only the crazed speeding truckers for company - AWESOME. The drive, which under good circumstances, takes ten to eleven hours, took nearly 13 this time. I'll definitely NEVER go that way again.

Then, when I finally arrived at my brother's house, at around 9:30 this morning, he informed me that my grandmother died this morning. Really. So I'll be spending the rest of the weekend dealing with that and family. Hopefully at some point, I can put together enough thought to share what a neat person she was in print, as Suldog and MM are wont to do.

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Hug the ones you love close for me. If you think of it, send a thought this way.


threecollie said...

Happy birthday, Happy Easter and from the looks of things Happy Feet too. Hope you have a great time, take care.

Island Rider said...

So sorry about your grandmother. Praying for you and your family.

Island Rider said...

And PS Happy Birthday!

Suldog said...

Well, Happy Birthday To You!