Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pots, Bowls & Mugs - Part 2: Incoming

The latest finished stuff is here, in part 1.

These are my shelves at the studio. Note all of the stuff in process on the top shelf.

I've been on a mug kick lately. These four are ready to glaze. I had a bit of a problem with the handle on the last one, so it went into a later bisque firing.

President's Day Weekend was a very good one for me - I got Monday off - yay! - AND Deb had things to do in the studio. (She's got a key and I can stay as late as she does - I like days when she has things to do.) So I spent all of the long weekend playing in the mud. A result of that - these bowls were thrown, trimmed, carved, sanded, painted and ready for bisque in one weekend. Next thing you know, I'll be a production potter!

As with the mugs, I've been playing with sets of things. This is my first attempt at a set of four bowls. If I glaze them all the same, they'll certainly look like a set, right?

My friend P has been fascinated lately with combining contrasting clays to get a marbled effect. These have the added benefit of easy glazing - dip it in clear and you're done. Of course, if you are like me and don't think to use a rib to clear the slip from the piece as you throw it, you get to spend about four years sanding to bring out the color variations. *sigh* Since she's been kind enough to actually wedge the clays together, I've played a bit too. It's interesting, but I'm not nearly as into it as she is.

And here is where I am now - I have so much to glaze that I've stolen another shelf. I'm not allowing myself to throw anything else until I get this under control.

(Of course, by the time I actually get this published, I'll hopefully have a bunch more in the pipeline. The never ending story...)


deekkyy said...

wow nice...
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Suldog said...

I think the pieces you make are lovely. How long does it generally take to do such stuff?

The Guy's Perspective said...

Very cool stuff. Seems like you're on your way.

I tried to "throw" a pot one time and unfortunately I was all thumbs, but not in a good way.