Thursday, May 27, 2010

Porch Anole!

I have a hibiscus that lives on my porch every summer and in my library every winter. I have an anole that lives in the hibiscus. Every fall, I worry about accidently bringing the anole inside, and I shake the hibiscus and try to make sure that no one's home when it comes indoors.

This winter, I found a dessicated little lizard corpse in my storage room upstairs, and was sure that I'd murdered my porch anole. I had this whole scenerio in my head where he's dragged inside, chased mercilessly by the cats and limps off to die in the equivalent of a basement. It was tragic.

That scenerio happened to some poor little guy, but I still have a porch anole! I've been trying to capture him on camera for a couple of weeks, which has been a comedy of errors, but today, today! I succeeded! I wasn't quick enough to catch him displaying, but maybe next time.

And then he sauntered away - he wasn't nearly as panicked as LAST time I chased him around the porch. Maybe one day, I'll be able to maul him the way I do the treefrogs with their cute little suction-cup toes!

UPDATED: Not gecko. Anole. I've had this little guy stuck in my head since I read this article 'cause he's SO pretty! I love the eye color!


Floridacracker said...

But you have a porch Anole. He's a native unlike my porch Gecko.
Great lizards to have around!

Suldog said...

Wish we had a few lizards around to eat the bugs!