Saturday, July 03, 2010


I'm off! I'm off! I'm off!

I was going to link to last year's post but, um, I never actually published it.

We'll see how this year goes - I'm in the cabin area this year. Mom and Dad have a cabin, so does my brother and so do I. Last year, by the time I knew I could go, the cabins were booked so I stayed in a different cabin a mile away. THAT cabin was fantastic - hot tub, fireplace, air conditioning, towels & sheets provided... And he was friends with the owner of a local winery. I was in the hot tub with my friend and one of us mentioned that we just needed wine. He was mowing the trim and heard us, and went and got us several bottles! LOVED that cabin. But it's amazing how far away one mile is when everyone else is someplace else.

So this year, I'll be staying in the much more primitive cabin with everyone else. Mom and Dad bring their own air conditioner down, and if I could justify the expense to myself, I think I would too. Also, these are basically hunting cabins, so nothing is really provided. But, it's a week away from here!

I'll be back next weekend. Happy fourth!

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