Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Do You Know About Moving Companies?

The only thing holding me here was the job and that's gone, so I will be as well before too much longer. My lease went to month to month well over a year ago, so I don't have to worry about breaking the lease.

I am currently in a 12 room house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The guest room is essentially empty as the bed in there is inflatable, but the smallest bedroom is the equivalent to a basement and is stuffed with all manner of crap - luggage, tools, files, holiday decorations, you name it. My current plan is to move home, where my grandmother's house is standing empty. Her bungalow is MUCH smaller, but it has a basement and a garage.

I'll be downsizing a bit, but this is my stuff and I'm not willing to lose most of it. So, right now I'm thinking that it makes no sense for me to rent a truck myself. I don't really have friends here, so I'd have to hire someone to load the truck and I'm not sure a truck that I could drive would be big enough. Also, have to buy boxes, paper, tape, etc to get everything packed.

Update (before I even published...): I've talked to several different moving companies, and packaging places and any number of other things. It's looking like my best bet, financially and mentally, is to pay to have professionals come in, pack it all, load it all and drop it off in Ohio. I'll be out of North Carolina, all going according to plan, before the end of August. Right now, I'm thinking that I'll try to organize things by long term, mid-term and need it now since Grams' house may be a pit stop on my way to a job somewhere else.

And, I filed for unemployment today. As it happens, NC has a form for "I resigned so they wouldn't fire me" and that goes to arbitration. Now I wait for two to nine weeks, and I can appeal if they say no.


Floridacracker said...

Wow. Big changes.
I hope this works out and in to something bigger and better for you.

Suldog said...

I know that some will try to make you accept more workers than you truly need. Some , however, will give you more workers than you think you need, but they will do the job so quickly, because of the number of workers, that you'll be amazed.

So, in total, what have I told you? Nothing, I guess. I'd suggest asking for opinions, concerning various moving companies, on some sort of public forum particular to your locale.

Best of luck!