Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Steps

I file for unemployment tomorrow. My uncle is a very high ranking person at a very large company and he's given me some good tips on how to fight if my company tries to deny the claim. He's going to get a couple of names of lawyers for me, from his HR people - the ones that they hate going up against, just in case.

I'm helped in this in that the organizational announcement went out today that they are not replacing me. I'd heard that the idiot was on the new plant manager's cost cutting team, and I was the highest paid person in the department so there's that.

Wish me luck with the bureaucracy.

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The Caustic Bunny said...

Good luck. You'll be fine.

Companies typically roll rather than face litigation in a case where the opposing party has merit absent malice. Particularly if no financial impact is involved as would be here.

The guy who showed me the door had his resume cross my desk 18 months later so let's hope nobody burned bridges. Paths cross and re-cross.

No, I didn't call him to let him twist in the wind. Despite his being a documented liar. His lack of character will be sufficient to catch him in a snare of his own making someday.