Monday, August 23, 2010

I Hate People, Reason 42948570 - updated!

Have you seen this? If you know this woman who this woman is, turn her in. The cat was rescued, 15 hours later, by her owners - more information available here.

UPDATE: They found her. Her name is Mary Bale and now the poor thing is under police protection to keep all the crazy cat people from killing her. Her mother says that she "loves cats."

(Have you ever noticed how many people who like cats are completely barking mad over them? One woman told me, with complete seriousness, that her little angel would NEVER kill a bird because they had a conversation, and she explained... to her cat... that birds were good, so her cat only killed spiders. Okey dokey.)


Floridacracker said...

Creepy!! ... and I don't even like cats.

flurrious said...

That's so disgusting. It appears that she's been identified but not arrested, although the RSPCA and police are still investigating. And just as I saw this here, they reported on the CBS news that the woman is basically trapped in her house because there are people protesting outside. Serves her right. I hope they charge her with animal cruelty.

Suldog said...

I hope she's trapped in her house, to the same extent of futility, as the poor damn cat was in that barrel. Hideous.