Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Little World...

is still a bit up in the air.

Things kind of crashed in July. I wasn't all the way home from my former workplace that day and the production manager at my [former] just in time supplier called me and offered me a job. And I said no, 'cause I want to go home. Later, the quality manager at the same company called and offered me a job and I said no, I want to go home.

A couple of days later, the quality manager called back and asked if I'd come work for them as a contractor until I was ready to move. Um. Okay. So, I started there at the end of August as a quality engineer, helping them put together FPAs (first part approvals) for their new biggest customer.

My first day there was the most surreal day of my young life. I'd been the customer for nearly four years. It was strange, but everyone was super friendly and really honestly happy to have me there. They're really good for my ego - they offer me a job nearly every day.

I interviewed for a place a couple hours out of Chicago, that I really wanted... and didn't get it. But, it was a FANTASTIC weekend with friends so that was cool.

Now I'm torn. I have an offer here for supplier quality engineer, which is what I've done for the past 7.5 years. They'll give me receiving inspection, so I'll have minions. I'll also be backup for the Quality Manager, and I really think I can make a difference. But, it's still in this area, and it's about 32 miles each way. They've got about a month to get shit done or their shiny new customer may drop them like a hot rock.

I'm still in the running for a job with another former supplier back where I want to be near Chicago. It's a customer quality job, in the headquarters, getting responses in order to make sure the customer is happy. Not my ideal job, but I LOVE the location and the company has another division in renewable energy that I'm very interested in.

I'm still applying to things in Ohio, but the job market there is not booming so I'm not very optimistic there.

So I'm back to working 60+ hours a week, and not really being sure where I'll be next month. But, all's okay here.


Island Rider said...

Good to hear from you. I had been wondering where you ended up and am glad that you haven't been jobless all this time. Still, I know it is unsettling not to know from one day to the next where home will be. Choosing between a bird in the hand or one that you know will better suit as soon as you find it is hard. Hope you get some clarity soon.

Anonymous said...

OK. Whew! I can start breathing again!

I have to confess that when I read your "I quit to avoid getting fired" post, I started racing ahead to find *this* post, so that I knew you were OK.

I'm weird like that! LOL!

I am SO glad that you are OK for the moment... :)