Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Whine, Moan, Ramble

Update from yesterday: since NOTHING is open past 5:00 around here, I had to leave work early to take the furball to the vet. Once I'd dropped her back at the house, I returned to work to finish a few things. I returned home around 11:00 last night to find the Peanut hissing and growling at Sophia. Until then, I wasn't aware that she even knew how to growl or hiss.

When I walked towards her, she crouched low and kinda slinked away - this is extremely unusual behavior for my Peanut. She's usually the soul of friendliness and affection. Something was clearly not right. I scooped her up and sat down under a light to investigate things and found a clump of fur near her rear hip that appeared to be sensitive. The more I tried to see what was going on, the more she freaked out, until I was glad of the hold I had on her neck since she tried striking out at me. This was not my cat.

So I bundled her into the cat carrier still sitting in the hall from Sophia's earlier road trip and called the emergency vet. A forty minute drive later, the vet poked and prodded away while my poor little cat squirmed and whimpered in fear and pain. Not fun. (When one finds oneself tempted to bite the vet if she keeps hurting one's cat, maybe it's time to wait in the lobby.) The nearest the vet can figure, it appears to be a muscle pull in her lumbar region. I was unaware that cats could pull muscles. Learn something new every day. So the Peanut got a shot and I came home with a bottle of pain medication for my cat that should be administered every other day. I will keep her appointment on Thursday and we'll review the situation then. D*mn expensive beast.

One other new bit of information - the little porker has gained 4 pounds (to 13 lbs) since getting fixed in January. So now, in addition to being taller than Sophia, she's heavier too. (On my Chicago vet's recommendation, she remained on kitten chow for nearly a full year. Perhaps that wasn't necessary.)

Today I came into work to find that a supplier just announced that they're moving our product line from Europe to Mexico... by September. So, I have at least one and maybe two more trips to Mexico coming up yet this summer. Hopefully this time I will have at least one ally among the throng.

And my dear coworker sent out minutes to upper management's visit last week, and was kind enough to assign me all sorts of actions. I'm going to particularly enjoy making up minutes to meetings I did not attend. *growl*

Ooh, and THEN I got to spend 2.5 hours on the phone arguing with another esteemed colleauge about the way we are handling MY supplier. This is what happens when someone is nuts enough to ask for support from HQ in Germany - they stick you with a stalker that you routinely have to shout down in meetings with suppliers because he is crazy. That impresses the HELL out of suppliers, you know. I have to give the guy credit for nerves, or sheer stupidity, 'cause no one else continues to argue with me once my voice gets that tone in it. We'll see how Thursday's meeting goes, but I think I won... momentarily anyway.

And then my boss postponed our meeting AGAIN. He told me two weeks ago that he wanted to talk to me. He put me off two or three times when I went to see him, then told me we'd cover it in the one-on-one which should have been Friday. We had to reschedule it 'till yesterday then he never sent the invite so I found him yesterday afternoon and he said today. Today he told me that he'll send an invite for "sometime this week." Arrgh! I can't handle this. If you're going to yell at me, yell at me and get it over with! This waiting is KILLING me.

Can't tell I'm a hormonal wreck this week, can you? I'd really rather be at home curled around either a cat or a hot water bottle. That would have the added benefit of hiding me while my face explodes and my hair goes completely feral. *sigh* Is it Friday yet?

But posting the picture above made me remember - I DID actually finish a piece this week... which is good 'cause it's the first one this year. I'm such a slacker! This isn't mine, it's the model from the front of the package. It's called "Purr-dicament" and it was designed by Margaret Sherry.

I've stacked the odds in my favor for another quick finish by digging out a WIP (work in progress, for the non-stitching crowd) that is only a couple hours from being finished. I completed everything but the backstitch several years ago, and then my brother and his girlfriend split up. Since it was for their house, I never bothered finishing it but he told me the other day that lighthouses were his thing, not hers, so it can go up in his new house. Yay, two things done this year!

Ooh, I've got to remember to call my parents, although hopefully they won't be home. Today is their 40th wedding anniversary so they'll probably be out canoodling somewhere. As much as I'd rather not think about it, I'm glad that they're still enjoying it and each other.

Hmm. I'm feeling better, so I should probably get back to work. Happy fourth, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Hope you are feeling a bit better! How did the return trip to the Vet go?

Wishing you HUGE quantities of chocolate! :)